Monday, 18 October 2010

Vintage Mums Treasure is now open (at last )

These are a few of the boxes I have on offer if you have something special in mind just let me know.  :)


Hand painted and aged, the lid has a local oyster shell
and faux pearl. The inside is lined with vintage style paper and there are three faux pearls for the feet

Covered and lined in French style vintage paper slightly larger than the usual box.

  Painted and aged in Autumn colours with a vintage    toadstool.The base has 3 acorns for feet, inside is painted a deep chestnut brown.                                                                        
If you would like a pic of any box please let me know, there are a couple more to be listed

A selection of larger boxes 


Jewelry box painted and aged and covered in butterflys and flowers, there is a removable shelf inside.


Little girls or big girls jewel box painted in baby pink.
The top has a shabby gingham heart
Inside is lined with flower fairy and gingham paper

   Prices are as follows :

  Small boxes  £4:75p   inc p.p.       uk

  med  boxes   £ 7:00   £1:50 p.p.    uk

  large boxes   £  £10   £1:50 p.p.    uk


                                                       TREASURE FOR SALE
   A variety of VINTAGE 1950's decorative glass plates will be listed this week at competitive prices.  

                                                               Measuring 8 1/2  x 5 1/2 inch

                                                                           £3 + £3 pp

                    2   50's vintage paper tablecloths one pink roses and one Christmas holly with a jolly Santa

                                                                              £2  + £1 pp

                                  PLEASE CALL AGAIN    :)


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Opening soon

I will be posting hand made goodies and vintage finds